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This year, we've transformed brands with unique visual languages, crafted user-friendly websites, and enhanced products with intuitive UI/UX designs. Our journey has been filled with creativity and innovation, delivering impactful digital experiences. Join us as we celebrate a year of remarkable achievements and growth.

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Delve into our client projects, check out our impactful websites, and see our year's highlights in numbers. We invite you to experience the creativity and innovation that defined our 2023!


Radiant Security's Visual Revamp

For Radiant Security, a pioneer in AI-enhanced security operations, we've reimagined their visual identity to reflect their cutting-edge approach. Our work included a captivating hero animation for their website, alongside detailed illustrations and product reductions. These elements not only showcase Radiant Security's AI-powered capabilities in boosting productivity and detecting threats but also visually narrate their rapid incident response prowess. Our designs bring their promise of advanced security solutions to life, making complex technologies more engaging.

Hexight's Evolution: Game-Inspired Design Meets AI Supply Chain

Our collaboration with Hexight, innovators in AI-powered supply chain solutions, has been a creative journey. We crafted a unique design language that merges supply chain elements with gaming inspirations, epitomized by Tetris-like shipping cubes. This approach not only highlights Hexight's commitment to innovation and market leadership but also adds an engaging, game-inspired twist to the practical world of supply chains.

Revamping Raven: Visual, Web and UI/UX

This year, we teamed up with Raven, a rising star in cloud optimization, to transform their brand. We introduced a vibrant visual language with bright greens, blues, and blacks, giving a fresh look to their Raven logo. Currently, we're focused on developing their full website and product interfaces, mirroring Raven's innovative approach and enhancing user experience in cloud technology.

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