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We get the tech

We get the tech

You need to tell a clear story. That’s why we go deep into understanding your technology.

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We are agile

Changes in a startup are constant. We are with you for all of them.

We design unique

We design unique

You are building a unique company. Your customers need to get that everywhere they see you.

Your startup is an evolving business. Our job is to drive its growth with outstanding design.

We are always on your Slack. Ready to design or update your tools for success. Just say the word.

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Your startup’s business needs come first. We’ll adapt the process to it.

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Your designers are dedicated. No need to explain it again and again.

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Your dedicated design team for the long term

We approached Polar at an early stage of our journey, looking for a strong, recognizable brand for Oxeye. The Polar team’s strategic design approach provided us not only a strong visual identity, but also allowed us to stand out among the competition. Throughout the years of our collaboration, their commitment to our needs was crucial in solidifying our brand in the market. Their unique ability to understand and convert our complex technology into clear visuals was key in telling our story, especially under the fast pace of changes. It felt like we were one dedicated team, all aiming towards the success of Oxeye. Highly recommended!

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Dean Agron

CEO & Co-founder

The Polar team’s deep understanding of our technology and outstanding UX & UI design work has not only led to a simple and clear user interface but has also significantly improved user engagement and satisfaction with our Cyber Security platform. Thanks to their work, we have received countless positive feedback from our customers, highlighting the platform's ease of use and intuitive design.

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Gilad Walden

VP Product, Adaptive Shield

"I’m impressed with how expertly Polar managed strict deadlines and translated complex workflows into a platform with a unique and attractive design language that’s easy for users to navigate. Their flexibility, receptiveness to feedback and focus on our company objectives are key elements in our successful collaboration."

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Micha Burd

VP Product, Cynerio

"As a fast moving startup we had a great experience with Polar as an external design team that can keep up with our speed consistently and adapt to our changing needs throughout years of collaboration. They have a deeper understanding of our technology than what I’d expect from a design team. Highly recommended for any tech startup!"

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Roey Eliyahu

CEO & Co-Founder, Salt Security

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Allow uniqueness, memorability, and consistency work for you
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Web Design & Development

Let the audience know that you are the solution to their problem
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UI/UX Design

Increase engagement and adoption with a simple-to-use solution
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