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Welcome to Polar Hedgehog’s Blog

Published on
January 18, 2023

Hi there, thank you so much for joining us for our first blog post.

Just to get everyone on the same page, we’re Polar Hedgehog, a full-service Design Firm working with early stage tech startups to accompany them for all their design needs, from visual identity to product design to web design and development and all the way to stunning marketing materials in all shapes and forms.

We’ve been so busy working with so many startups in the areas of Cyber, Web3, AI, Dev Solutions, and more, that we haven’t found the time to launch our blog and keep you updated on a variety of things. 

But…it's a new year, and we can’t put it off any longer, so here’s to a fresh start to get the ball rolling. 

This post will provide you a bit more on what makes Polar’s process so successful, the people making it happen, and overall what you could expect from our blog (and why you should return frequently :) )

So let’s not beat around the bush and get right to it…

About Polar Hedgehog: business-first design for startups

We've created a wonderful name for ourselves as we successfully support all startups that come through our doors. We get knee-deep into understanding their technology, message, and business needs, in order to continually deliver products that are easy to use, stunning looking marketing assets, and a consistently strong brand identity. 

In short, any startup who works with us receives a broad set of design services allowing them to better attend to their business needs; it’s as if you gain an in-house design team for your startup, so you could focus on your product, growth, and vision, and know all design needs are covered to make you look absolutely amazing.
But that’s not all. 

Polar doesn't believe in just making things look pretty, as that’s what we consider to be ‘dumb’ design. We in turn focus on delivering the right design for your business. This means we take the time and put in the effort to work directly with the founders and relevant stakeholders to understand their solution, their market and industry, the values and differentiation, the features, benefits, and the experience their audience expects, and so much more. 

All this, so we could focus on the best design results to meet your business needs, along with adhering to dynamic requests and timetables :)  

The People: focused, professional, and collaborative

Our results speak for themselves, and our clients speak for us, but all of it can’t be done without the people at Polar Hedgehog with every single teammate being a dedicated professional focused on the goal at hand. 

We frame Polar into separate areas of expertise to make sure every need gets a focused skill set. The visual team is in charge of brand and marketing materials; the product team solves complex UX challenges and designs a unique UI; and the web team acts as a turnkey solution from structure to website design to bringing it all to life. And all three help deliver your value proposition and story accordingly. 

With that, the teams demonstrate true design leadership, for while they're so focused, they continuously communicate, rely on each other, and collaborate where needed to ascertain your message, value, and solution is best represented outward to your audience: users, company, investors, and beyond. 

Our Blog: updates, design, studies, and more.

So what can be expected from Polar Hedgehog’s blog?

We’re hoping to paint a broader picture of who we are by sharing more about the variety of things we’re involved in. We’ll walk you through our proven processes, case studies of projects and designs, provide you industry insights or a client’s perspective, and even invite our teammates to demonstrate the philosophies or methodologies behind the designs we deliver. 

You’ll gain an inside look of what makes us tick, get frequent updates of the exciting designs we’ve developed, and you’ll even get concrete tips including ideas, resources, and some inspiration :) 

Thank you so much for sticking with us through our long-awaited first blog post, and we do hope you’ll come back and read on. 

Of course, we’d love to hear from you whether it is feedback on our blog or site, ideas and things you’d like us to cover, or to simply say Hello.

Have a wonderful day,
The Hedgehogs 


Daniel Dayag
Co-CEO & Founder
Mor Ratzin
Co-CEO & Founder
Yulia Goldfeder
Visual Designer

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